I have 50+ books on my "Nook shelves" right now. I'll get around to reading them all someday. :) As a writer and an e-book addicted reader, I thought I'd share who's on my Nook as well as some things I've observed since getting my e-reader a few months ago.  

A sample of who's on my Nook:
- Chevy Stevens (Still Missing loved it, well, most of it; and Not Knowing, meh, didn't love it.) 
- Katia Lief (Three books; She got me hooked!)
- Emily Griffin (Heart of the Matter - loved it!)
- Margaret Atwood (The Year of the Flood. She is the MASTER.)
- Wayne Dyer, Sanaya Roman, Jillian Michaels (I'm a self-help junkie b/c I need a lot of help.)
- Chuck Wendig, Holly Lisle, James Scott Bell, Zoe Winters (writing and self-pub advice) 
-Theresa Weir (a lyrical writer after my own heart)
- Scott Nicholson (have to get my dose of horror)
- Kelli Maine (Taken -- is it getting hot in here?)
- Karice Bolton (on my TBR list)

Here's what I've noticed since buying my 1st e-reader in May 2012: 
- I have a good mix of self-pub and trad-pub.  
- I 'm trending more toward self-pub books.
- I buy 10-15 e-books a month. YIKES!
- I'm less and less willing to pay more than $8 for a book. $5 is even better.
- I'm more likely to make spur of the moment purchases.
- It is sooo easy to click buy and have the book instantly.  
- I'm more likely to try new authors in e-book than paper book.  

So who are you reading? Fess up.